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Recording and Surveying

18th and 19th-century Listed school complex in Exeter

Working as part of the development team AHC produced a room-by-room architectural audit of this complex of listed buildings in order to aid the design of the conversion of the site to residential. This work is now complete.


Level 3 Recording of burnt 15th-century cottages, near Basingstoke

After a devastating fire in St Mary Bourne, Hampshire, AHC was asked to carry out a Level 3 recording of the remaining timber frame prior to its removal from the village. The timber-framed range was rectilinear in form and comprised three individual cottages – all listed Grade II. A post-fire analysis of the scorched timber frame revealed a 6-bay cruck-framed building, originally with an open hall. AHC was then called upon to make recommendations regarding the dismantling and tagging of the frame prior to its removal from site.


Heritage Survey of Large Grade II* art deco municipal building in Southampton

AHC was contracted to carry out a full Heritage Survey of this 169-room, Grade II* building, prior to a comprehensive refurbishment. The survey involved assessing the proposed refurbishment, noting where it could harm the special interest of the listed building, and proposing alernative design solutions.



Architectural inventory of the Regency Hollywood Tower, Bristol

Working for a private organisation, AHC produced an architectural and historical appraisal of the entire nineteenth-century estate to inform design proposals for a new conference centre in this location. Following the appraisal which AHC produced, we were commissioned to provide an architectural Inventory of the whole site which would inform the design proposals of the proposed new conference centre. This involved a room-by-room recording of historic features, plus an assessment of the outbuildings and remnants of the historic landscape.  



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