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Development Projects

New Housing Development  

AHC was commissioned to provide design parameters for thirty new houses in a sensitive rural location in Norfolk adjacent to a Conservation Area.



Christadelphian Hall

In this project we secured the conversion to residential use of a large, Non-conformist chapel of 1821, which had long been standing empty. The scheme retains the open, hall-like character of the building and preserves its special architectural and historic interest.



Football Ground redevelopment  

We are currently advising on the design and layout of the refurbishment of one of England’s major football grounds and the development of  300 apartments. This site lies at the heart of the historic city, between three Conservation Areas and adjacent to several listed buildings.






A Successful Scheme for 21 new houses

Working with a planning consultancy for a national developer we secured a successful scheme for 21 new houses just outside the Conservation Area of a West Sussex town, working with the architects to design houses of a suitable scale and density and incorporating local vernacular details. Includes an element of affordable housing.  





Appraisal of proposed sewage plant development in a Conservation Area 

AHC provided advice to a water company concerning the siting of a proposed sewage plant within a Conservation Area and close to the curtilage of a Grade I listed church. After a detailed assessment of the Conservation Area and its sensitive historic buildings, the siting of the plant was eventually selected to be almost completely hidden from view.

Assisting the private owner of a large country house with gaining Retrospective Listed Building Consent

This large historic building had undergone many unauthorised and unsympathetic alterations during its recent history. The new owners wanted to regularise the situation. AHC was able to work alongside the owners and Local Authority to mitigate the harm which had been caused to the original historic fabric. Repairs and alterations were carried out following our advice and retrospective consents were obtained, restoring peace of mind to the owners.

Feasibility study for an historic farm

We provided a feasibility study outlining how this Worcestershire site could be developed to make the most of the listed farm buildings and to bring them back into use. Proposals were put forward which enabled the site to remain economically viable whilst protecting its historic integrity.


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